Prolix RB

Function:  Emulsifying System
NCI Name: Polyglyceryl -3 Rice Branate
CAS Number1166833-04-0,1166833-52-8
REACh Status: Polymer*




PROLIX RB is a product that can be defined as a “PEG Free” functional emulsifying system, capable of forming O/A emulsions that are particularly refreshing, soft and velvety to the touch, enriched by the eudermic properties of rice oil.

It is an emulsifier that works in harmony with nature, which responds to the needs of a market which prefers “gentle” products, endowed with excellent functional properties, that are not tested on animals and that are respectful of man and the environment.

The product is neutralized in the final phase with arginine and reaches and excellent balance which guarantees the molecule’s stability and resistance to hydrolysis. The particular connection between the hydrophilic part and the lipophilic fatty chains gives the product excellent emulsifying properties which allow for the creation of liquid crystal structures like thin plates, independent of the chemical structure and polarity of the substances present in the emulsion’s internal phase.



Prolix RO

Function: Emulsifying System W/O
INCI name: Rice Bran Oil Polyglyceryl-3 Ester
REACh status: Polymer*




PROLIX RO is a natural emulsifier. W/O PEG free endowed with the excellent eudermic properties of Rice Oil.

It presents itself as a clear, oily, amber-colored liquid that is almost odorless. Thanks to its particular composition it is suitable for very delicate cosmetic formulas, for sensitive areas and infants.




Function: Functional ester with moisturizing function
INCI name: Polyglyceryl-3PCA
CAS number: 1165848-66-7
REACh status: Polymer*



PCActive is a modern water based form of pyrrolidonecarboxylic acid, a product capable of keeping moisture in the skin and increasing the skin’s flexibility, which brings together the capacity to tie water with a visible moisturizing effect creating an evident feeling of freshness and wellbeing.



Prolix SB2

Function: Peg free O/W emulsifying system from vegetal origin, studied for fluid systems.
INCI name: Polyglyceryl-3 – Oleyl Ether Phosphate
REACh status: Polymer *


PROLIX SB 2 more than just an emulsifier, it can be defined as a “hydrophilic lipid” capable of forming particularly fresh and light O/W fluid emulsions, with a particular pleasant “velvety” effect. At room temperature it exists in the form of an oily liquid, clear, amber-coloured and with slight odour.

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